BBMRI-ERIC: International Conference on Biosamples and Biodata in Medical Research – ELSI Challenges

Biosamples and biodata are crucial for current medical research and the development of personalized medicine. Biological material and associated data are an integral part of the scientific process in population studies, research on specific diseases, development of new drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools. They have also become a key element in Covid-19 research. However, collection, storage, use and transfer of biosamples and biodata induce numerous ethical, legal and social challenges. This is especially true for human samples and data. Non-human (microbiological, animal) samples and data are also worth considering because they are playing an increasingly important role in medical research. The aim of the conference is an interdisciplinary reflection on regulatory, normative and axiological problems related to biosamples and biodata as well as searching for best practices that respect human dignity, fundamental rights, legal norms, social expectations and cultural beliefs in management of biosamples and biodata. The conference is planned to fill the gap between different perspectives on samples and data. Therefore, we invite specialists from medical, humanities and social areas, as well as representatives of research institutes, administrative entities, patient organizations and other stakeholders.

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Start: 24 November @ 11:00
End: 26 November @ 15:30
Cost: Free
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BBMRI National Node



24 - 26 Nov 2021


11:00 - 15:30

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