Added value of the RNBB

Professionalizing biobanks has made progress in optimizing the use of human biological samples in research. Improving sample quality, integrating key clinical data, facilitating access to researchers, have made Biobanks an indispensable service for the scientific community.

National Biobank Network (RNBB) integrates the knowledge of the 39 biobanks that make up it, responding to requests for samples that are difficult to assume by a single entity, such as:

  • Projects of unrepresentative pathologies, where the number of samples is limited and generate an additional difficulty in research projects.
  • Scientific projects requiring a very large number of samples (validations, genetic studies, population, etc.).
  • Multicenter projects, avoiding inherent biases by standardizing sample collection procedures and clinical data.
  • Strategic scientific projects within the national or international level.

Our commitment is to respond to researchers in an effective way, taking personal response to the project.

We are a guarantee of quality in projects, the trusted brand that research needs. We can all meet their demands